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Sauerkraut – Eggplant – Black Beans – Banana icecream (with chocolate and nut butter)

One of my new favourite things to do in the kitchen is fermenting. Anything. While looking around and reading about ways to improve your health I found a lot of information about your/our microbiome. (basically the tiny little things in your gut that make things happen in your body) I was also interested in learning about pickling my own food so this topic had a happy cross-roads. Is it hard? Absolutely not. Incredibly easy in fact, but it does take patience, so if you’re thinking “but I want a pickle NOW” then you’ll be disappointed. I’ve made a couple of batches now and my latest creation will soon be Sauerkraut!




Looking for the recipe? – Will be posting this up sometime soon, with a few fermented things to try out!


Taking Shape (in beta play-testing), Quarriors!, Terra Mystica

Speaking of new favs, out of the games I’ve played in the last week I really liked the opportunity I had to play test a game at one of the gaming nights. The working name for it is “Taking Shape(s)”, a 2-4 player game with a play grid of 7X7 squares and cards with shapes as your main hand. Like a game of Scrabble except with shapes, each player is looking to complete a sequence of shapes on alternate cards they have that they keep to themselves while trying to stop other players from doing the same.


Taking Shape 2


You can use other players’ shapes to complete a sequence you have, but you will get less points for it. There are also tokens you can use to mix things up for the overall play of the game that are drawn from a communal pile and replaced when you’ve used one.The game play is simple and the cards and rules are easy to understand, and he was kind enough to take feedback and make changes based on that feedback.

Taking Shape 1

I like the idea of making board games a lot! There’s something appealing about being able to make something with your own steam without having entire skill sets you are dependent on to accomplish the task. Makes me believe that I can do the same some day soon!

What Food/Games are you mucking about with this week?


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